LlcnIng born with the spirit of providing engineering services adressed, not only to individuals, neighboring communities, businesses, etc.... that needs technical help and / or services typical of an engineer referee, but also to engineering in periods of peak workloads, thet could outsource their services without having to enlarge their internal structure.

With 16 years of experience in the world of facilities, quality of energy, energy saving, etc..., LlcnIng has the ability to solve problems arising from the operation and use of the facilities after commissioning.

Also, LlcnIng cant design the necessary facilities exist in all disciplines in the field of industrial and domestic users and accompanied to the final commissioning and operation, through the stages of introduction and legalization of documents deal with the official institutions.

LlcnIng aims to the excellence of the work, trying at any time to find the most efficient solution, that solves the equation quality / best price for the customer, always in the shortest time possible and framing the work within the law.